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Jamie Frost

Jamie grew up on Bowen Island and attended West Vancouver Secondary School. His hobbies include skiing, golfing, and fishing, with friends and family. After high school Jamie attended McGill University in Montreal, where he graduated with a BSc in Geology.  Summers during university were spent working construction on Bowen, in Nunavut on the Hope Bay Mine, and completing field research in the Belcher Islands. 

After graduating University, he returned to his hometown of Bowen Island and continued working construction for various companies before starting and operating Frost Brothers Construction with his brother Devin. Jamie spends much of his free time exploring different wood projects, from turning bowls on the lathe, to building fine tables out of wood he and Devin salvage from the woods of Bowen Island. Together with Devin and Max he now manages and works at several different build sites.

Mobile Phone:
(604) 506-9289

Last Updated on: 2023-04-02